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About Us - Partners February 22, 2018

In order to augment it's business base and widen it's sphere of operation, Pioneer Technology has entered into strategic alliance agreements.

These organizations bring a variety of resources to the table, providing various areas of expertise, which are complimentary to Pioneer's own in house resources.

Fiber Technologies LLC        << >>    

Provides additives to increase physicals within Thermoplastics, Elastomers and Asphalt. Additive Increase UV resistance, Tear, Impact resistance and much much more. In addition, with Fiber Tech additives you will open the door to additional Green enhancement of your product by allowing the use of more recycle material with no reduction in physicals.

Asphalt roads that last +14 years without resurfacing. We have that solution.

Automotive parts with 3-4X increase in Life and Weight reduction - we have that solution.

Fiber Technology additives provided enhancements in the Automotive, DOD, Marine, Electronic, Roadway,durable elastomer parts and many other marketplaces where increase physical properties are required.

Pioneer Technology provides Technical Sales and Application support for Fiber Tech world wide.


If you are interested in becoming a Strategic Partner with Pioneer Technology, please email to: for further information.

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